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Facts about leather

General info on leather

ALL of the leather we use is GENUINE leather made from cattle (cows and bulls). Our raw hides come from European and South American animals, and are tanned in tanneries in South America and Europe. We don't use bonded leather. Bonded leather is leather dust glued together on a fabric canvas with a vinyl/plastic surface. It is really just the backing that is leather-like.

WE DON'T USE BONDED LEATHER...if you can even call it "leather"

 Basic Select
 Pure aniline
 Elmo Baltique
 Raw Vintage
 Surface protection  Very good  Good  None / hardly any
 Appearance  Constant  Varying  "Living / natural"
 Seating comfort  OK  Better  Best
 Price  Lowest segment  Medium segment  Upper segment

Over 95% of the cushions we make (and also re-upholstery jobs) use either pigmented or semi-aniline leather!

The above table is meant only as a guide. We may have other types of leather in our range of products that do not fit into this table.

Corrected grain leather (Basic Select Leather)

Corrected grain leather is leather that is coated with a strong protective layer and then grained to give it a uniform appearance. The strong protective coating also makes the leather practical for use. It can be wiped with a damp cloth, and if you spill something on it (excluding liquids that contain solvents, etc.) and act quickly to remove it, no stain will be left behind. However, the strong protective layer also makes the leather feel stiffer than, for example, semi-aniline or pure aniline leather.

Semi-aniline leather (Luxury Leather)

Semi-aniline leather is leather that is coated with a light protective layer, but its grain remains intact. The grain pattern may therefore vary from hide to hide. Semi-aniline leather feels less stiff than pigmented leather, and by acting quickly you can still wipe off liquid spills (excluding liquids that contain solvents, etc.) before they leave a stain. Pure aniline

Pure aniline leather (Soft Aniline Leather)

Pure aniline leather is the closest you can get to raw, natural leather. This type of leather has either no or very little protective coating, which also makes it susceptible to usage and sticky fingers. If you spill something on the leather, it will leave a stain. With time, however, the stains will eventually fade. This is why it is often said that the leather forms a patina. It is a sign that the leather is being used and that its usage is visible. Because it has little or no surface treatment, the leather is very smooth and soft to the touch. It is also very comfortable to sit on. Choose this type of leather if going for a natural look that doesn't necessarily have to be practical.